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                  About JiaKe — Sincere cooperation and brilliant development

                  It is a professional manufacturing enterprise which is mainly engaged in screen welding equipment
                  Hebei Jiake Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. founded in 2000, located at the junction of Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang----Anping County, which is famous as “Hometown of wire mesh” in China. The company has been developing smoothly and quickly and it has more than 100 employees. And the company has own wire mesh machineries and several pilot plants with strong technical force and advanced production and checkout equipments.
                  HOT PRODUCTS
                3. Fence Mesh Welding MachineFence Mesh Welding Machine
                4. Reinforcing Mesh Welding MachineReinforcing Mesh Welding Machine
                5. CNC Mesh Welding MachineCNC Mesh Welding Machine
                6. Mechanical Mesh Welding MachineMechanical Mesh Welding Machine
                7. Poultry Cage Welding Machine ⅠPoultry Cage Welding Machine Ⅰ
                8. Poultry Cage Welding Machine ⅡPoultry Cage Welding Machine Ⅱ
                9. Electric Welded Mesh MachineElectric Welded Mesh Machine
                10. Wedged Wire Screen Welding MachineWedged Wire Screen Welding Machine
                11. Steel Grating Spot Welding MachineSteel Grating Spot Welding Machine
                12. Steel Grating Welding MachineSteel Grating Welding Machine
                13. 3D Panel Machine3D Panel Machine
                14. Chain Link Fence MachineChain Link Fence Machine
                15. CS-ACS-A
                16. Grassland Fence MachineGrassland Fence Machine
                17. Gabion Mesh MachineGabion Mesh Machine
                18. Nail Making MachineNail Making Machine
                19. Wire Drawing MachineWire Drawing Machine
                20. Expanded Metal Mesh MachineExpanded Metal Mesh Machine
                21. CS-BCS-B
                22. CS-CCS-C
                23. Website constructio...



                  The engineering case

                  It is a professional manufacturing enterprise which is mainly engaged in screen welding equipment